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2015 Davis Cup Results

 Congratulations to the Rookie Team

winning the Davis Cup 16.5 to 11.5 over

the Veteran Team!

Thank you to everyone that played for a 

great season and for supporting the 

event. Also special thanks to Lee 

Garner and Garner Insurance for 

Sponsoring the event as well Brad 

Stone for his contributions.

Closest to the Hole Winners

#2 Brian Marley

#7 Corey Ford

#14 Preston Atkinson

#16 Austin Green









Davis Park Golf Course is a public golf course located on the benches of Fruit Heights, Utah. The course has beautiful views of the valley, lake, and mountains. It is known for its smooth putting surfaces and great staff. It also has strong Ladies, Men's and Junior Associations.

Whether you are an accomplished player, novice, beginner or just someone looking for a relaxing atmosphere, Davis Park Golf Course has something for everyone.



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